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Our Autumn League is now in the books, thanks for everyone who participated!

Autumn Season – September, October, and November


  • 5 Tournaments total, 1 in September (2nd half of the month) and 2 each month for October and November (1 - first half of the month and 1 - second half of the month)

  • 4-man teams, 5-man Roster.  A player cannot be on multiple teams.

  • Cash Entry Fee (each tournament):  $50 per person.  50% of entry fee goes towards total prize money.  Of that $25 total prize money, 60% to each tournament Team winner, 40% held to end of series to Team with most points.

  • Point Structure: (points coincide with the number of teams entered, i.e., 15 Teams, 1st place 15 points, 10 Teams, 1st place 10 points and so on)

1st place Team – 15 points

2nd place Team – 14 points

3rd place Team – 13 points

4th place Team – 12 points

5th place Team – 11 points and so forth

  • Max Teams:  15

  • Times available to play: Any day of the week within Center during regular business hours, required to be scheduled with NLG.  Team play must be finished and scores in by the end of business on the 13th for the 1st half of the month tournament, and by the end of business on the 28th for the 2nd half of the month tournament.   Winners announced by the 15th and 30th respectively.  Prize money award upon announcement of winners.

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