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Next Level Golf, LLC (NLG), locally owned and operated, is a premier high-end facility incorporated in the State of Texas located in Wichita Falls designed to provide entertainment via high-definition full swing simulation golf. The golfing entertainment platform will be complimented with beverages/snacks with an attractive and inviting surrounding.  We are proud to call Wichita Falls home and are excited to bring this to our community.


Our mission is to provide the Wichita Falls and surrounding area current golfers, of all skill levels, with an enticing alternative to outdoor golf when time, weather, and cost prohibit traditional play. For those who wish to learn the sport of golf, this is an ideal atmosphere to practice and train without the intimidations of being on the traditional golf course. We provide an extremely realistic golf experience in a comfortable environment, turning the local golf season from an estimated 200 days a year to “365 days, literally any day of the year.”

NLG’s welcomes golfers of all skill levels, all ages, and even those that want to learn the sport or come have fun with family and friends. NLG will offer free loaner golf clubs for those players who do not have a set of their own. Even the already skilled players will have the opportunity to study and analyze their techniques with the instant feedback and video playback the golf system provides for all shots to improve their game. But for those who are looking for just entertainment, the system offers multiple games options other than traditional golf, for example “closest to the pin” and “longest drive.”

Play 18, Golf Course, Wichita Falls, High Definition Entertainment, Affordable Hourly Rates, Driving Range, Loaner Clubs, Beer, Wine, Food

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